A Japanese inn with traditional atmosphere!

Takaoka is located in the middle of Japan on the coast of the Sea of Japan. If you cross the sea you will get to Russia and thereon to Europe. This area is surrounded by the sea, and the mountains. It is known for its cold and snowy winters. Under such circumstances, the nature, traditional culture of the area and of course, the people's hearts have remained unchanged for a long time. The town is very quiet and peaceful.

Our inn has been greeting all our guests in our characteristic warm, and family-like way since 1932.
Why not start an unforgettable trip to the countryside of Japan ? You might discover the real Japan. Even more - you might be the first person from your country who has ever stepped on Takaoka land. It's a challenge!

Room Rates
Type Japanese style
without bath
For 1 person 4,600 yen
For 2 person 9,000 yen
For 3 person 13,200 yen
# of Rooms 20
* Surcharge(s) Consunmption tax 5% included

In case of 100 yen a US dollar, a daily room rate for a person is about US$46.
But please pay all charges in Japanese yen.
We can accept credit cards.(VISA / AMEX / UC)

Meal Charges
Meals Japanese
Breakfast 800 yen
Dinner 1,600 yen
* Surcharge(s) Consunmption tax 5% included

Room Amenities
Yukata (Lounge Wear) / Bath Towel / Face Towel / Toothbrush / Japanese Tea Set / Air Conditioner / TV / Phone / Safe

Facilities & Service
Two (Japanese-Style) communal bathrooms (Ladies / Gentlmen)
Coin Operated Laundry
Internet Connected PC
Free Wi-Fi is available in some guest rooms.
Cable TV in the Lobby
Free Parking

Bathroom for Ladies

Bathroom for Gentlmen

Guest Room
Internet Room

* For security reasons, the curfew is 11PM.

Daibutsu Ryokan@(ŗ)

Member of Japanese Inn Group
75 Daibutsu-machi, Takaoka City, Toyama Pref. 933-0034 Japan
TEL:+81-766-21-0075 / FAX:+81-766-22-0075
E-mail: buddha@p1.coralnet.or.jp